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Quantum for Students

The links below on this web page are resources for students who are interested in quantum.
It is helpful (but not necessary) if they have seen my presentations or participated in my workshops.

These links will be updated periodically.
Video from National Q-12 Education  (

Quantum Educational Resources

Available Courses | qBraid

DoS - Domain of Science - YouTube

Map of Quantum Computing Poster – DFTBA

Qiskit - IBM's Open Source Quantum Computing Resource

Quantumapalooza 2020 Harrisburg University

QuVis (

Key Concepts for Future QIS Learners (

Stanford University - High School Quantum Course

A Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Programming (

Quantum Algorithm Implementations for Beginners

Schrödinger's Class | Institute for Quantum Computing | University of Waterloo (

(for the Schrödinger's Class materials, contact Donn directly or go to.......)

Teacher resources | Institute for Quantum Computing | University of Waterloo (

Quantum Computing for High School Students - text book by Yuly Billing

Big Tech Quantum Websites

Microsoft Quantum overview | Microsoft Azure

Quantum Computing | IBM

Quantum Computing - Intel

Quantum | Honeywell

Google Quantum AI

Quantum Computing Service—Amazon Braket–Amazon Web Services

Cisco Research | Home - Quantum Networks

Quantum Computing Companies

Quantum Solutions | Keysight

IonQ | Our Trapped Ion Technology

PsiQuantum | Building the world’s first useful quantum computer.

Home - Atom Computing (


ColdQuanta - Making Quantum Matter - Making Quantum Matter

D-Wave Systems | The Practical Quantum Computing Company (



Equal 1

Quantum On-Line Resources

Quantum Computing Report - Market Analysis, News & Resources

Inside Quantum Technology

IQT - San Diego May 10-12 2022 pdf

Quantum Economic Development - Consortium (QED-C)

Quantum for All

Home | National Q-12 Education Partnership | UIUC (

Quantum Computing Applications

  1. Quantum computing use cases for financial services | IBM

  2. The Future of Quantum Drug Discovery - Cambridge Quantum

  3. Quantum computer models a chemical reaction (

  4. Quantum Computing: Accelerating the Digitization of Chemistry • EFMaterials Blog

  5. Quantum Computing in Oil and Gas | Accenture

  6. Inside Google's Quantum Computing Data Center

  7. Quantum ML - Quantum: Machine Learning & Analytics 

  8. Exploring quantum computing use cases for manufacturing | IBM

  9. University of Arizona Awarded $26M to Architect the Quantum Internet

Quantum Biology Papers

  1. The Origins of Quantum Biology (The Royal Society)

  2. Quantum Effects in Biology (Optics & Photonics News)

  3. The Quantum Biology of Reactive Oxygen Species Partitioning Impacts Cellular Bioenergetics (very technical)

Introducing optics & photonics to undergraduate students - UC San Diego SPIE Student Chapter Officers  A video recording

High School Student's Essay about His Quantum Journey - Quantum Computing Report

“Thinking Quantum”: Lectures on Quantum Theory by  Barak Shoshany

for students seeking the mathematical formulations


Samueli Academy Schrödinger's Club 

Introduction to Quantum Cryptography - with a hands-on polarization laser lab

Schrödinger's Class - Univ of Waterloo - IQC 

Session #1 - The Two Golden Rules of Quantum Mechanics - slides

Quantum Cryptography Student Activity Guide

Quantum Cryptography BB84 - Quantum Coins - Student Activity Guide 

EdQuantum-Quantum Communications worksheets

Thorlabs - Quantum Cryptography Analogy Demonstration Kit

Intro Quantum with a hands-on laser and spectroscopy labs


Corona Del Mar High School - Python Programming Class

Intro Quantum with a hands-on polarization & Qiskit labs


Other interesting links for students

A Nanofabulous Experience: Internship at NIST’s NanoFab Provides Vital Training for Engineers and Technicians Entering the Semiconductor Workforce | NIST

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