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About the OISC and Donn Silberman

The OISC was founded in 2003 by Donn Silberman to partner with others, particularly members of the OSSC, and is dedicated to the promotion of math, science, and engineering education through the use of optics and related technologies and phenomena.  Our educational approach is hands-on, student-centered, and engaging.  We seek to foster the curious scientist, the artful mathematician, and the creative engineer in every student, regardless of age.

There are more details about the history of the OISC at:  About Us (

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Nov. 29 - Dec. 1 , Washington, D.C.

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High School Students  program .

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This legacy website is now for archival purposes only to be an educational resource.   There are some good materials on this site.

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This website is now for archival purposes only to be an educational resource. 


Society of Physics Students 

Donn likes this community service
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We are a volunteer organization that picks up good quality furniture & housewares.  We give it to needy military & veteran families for free. We do not sell your donations. 

This website is now for archival purposes only to be an educational resource.   eLas Americas is closed for business.  Thank you for your past support.

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Career Assistance Here

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Light at the End of the Tunnel:
Careers in Optics & Photonics
Optical Levitation:
Fundamentals of Optical Tweezers

video of presentation here

Slides are here

Here is a photo of the students

First Image of a Black Hole

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Some of Donn's non-profit and educational outreach websites are now for reference only.
Some websites above are maintained by others and are here for easy reference.
Donn trained for and participated as an age group triathlete from 2009-2019.

You  can  reach  Donn at:     
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