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Quantum Sound & ESP

What is? & What if?   A short quantum journey for humans

Donn M. Silberman, Fellow of the OSSC & SPIE

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This article will be updated with additional related information until it is published on the Technolink Association  blog in April.

Over the past few years, I have written articles on quantum topics including computing & cybersecurity [1], education & workforce development [2], and long-term technology trends with an eye towards the quantum future of biology and consciousness [3].  The current article builds on these concepts and posits an idea that maybe there are quantum effects that reach into our macro world dealing with sound and ESP.  By first setting the scene with the ‘What is?’ question, we establish some basic tenants that seem very reasonable; like we as humans exist on this planet that is one of about nine (9) that orbit our Sun, which is an average star in an average galaxy that has maybe 200 billion stars [4].  And then we might agree that there are several hundred billion galaxies in the currently observable universe [5].


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