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So. Cal. Quantum Community (SCQC)

This web page is dedicated to entities that may become associated with the SCQC.

This list is for Donn and other interested parties to use to keep track of possible SCQC members.

Optical Society of Southern California (

University of Southern California
Dr. Jonathan L. Habif, USC, ISI, Experimental Physics

USC Center for Quantum Information Science & Technology (CQIST)

USC-Lockheed Martin Quantum Computation Center

Center for Quantum Information Science and Technology – Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering (

Quantum Computing Center ( 

California Institute of Technology

Cal Tech Research > Quantum Information & Computation

Roy Eddleman – Scientist, Philanthropist, Friend – IQIM (

IQIM – Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (

Quantum Entanglement of Photons Doubles Microscope Resolution |

Quantum Internet Tested at Caltech and Fermilab |

QSE@Caltech | Quantum

Caltech and Amazon Partner to Create New Hub of Quantum Computing |

UC Irvine

James Bullock | UCI,

The Future of Quantum Science | UCI and UCI – Eddleman Quantum Institute,  

Sandi Irani, UC Irvine, Mathematical and Theoretical Quatum Computing

Home | QC@UCI (

UC Santa Barbara

UCSB NSF Quantum Foundry | CNSI | UC Santa Barbara | UCSB NSF Quantum Foundry | CNSI | UC Santa Barbara

Quantum Photonics Lab | Quantum Photonics Lab | Electrical and Computer Engineering | UC Santa Barbara (

Quantum | IEE | UC Santa Barbara (

Home | Eddleman Center for Quantum Innovation | California NanoSystems Institute | UC Santa Barbara ( 

UC Los Angeles


Chapman University

 Institute for Quantum Studies | Chapman University 

Cal Poly Pomona

Dr. Farbod Khoshnoud (

Private Companies

Qubits Ventures

HKA - Marketing Communications (

Qubitekk – Quantum Components & Systems for Quantum Technology Markets

Google AI - Quantum Computing

Southern California: A Growing Quantum Technology Powerhouse - (

Cisco Research | Cisco Quantum Lab

(23) Denise Ruffner | LinkedIn (Women in Quantum)

(23) Doug Finke | LinkedIn ,  Global Quantum Intelligence | market & business intelligence (

Disruptive Concepts and Technologies: Quantum Technology - Northrop Grumman

$5 million from Boeing will support UCLA quantum science and technology research – UCLA College

HRL Laboratories | Quantum

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