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Quantum Clubs at colleges, universities and high schools.

This web page contains links to student quantum and related technology clubs and society chapters to help connect them with industry and in particular with leaders and members of:

QED-C | The Quantum Economic Development Consortium (

(Note that when searching online for quantum clubs, there are some educational institutions that use the word 'quantum' to designate something special, but i not related to quantum physics.  We do not include these links.)

Quantum Clubs Could Be Your Ticket Into the Quantum Computing Field | by Qiskit | Qiskit | Medium


The Association — Stanford Quantum

Home | QC@B (

Quantum Computing at Davis (

Quantum Computing Student Association - UCLA Community  

Clubs | PES University Quantum Computing Club

SCHOOL CLUBS and STUDENT COUNCIL - The Quantum Academy, Inc. (

Quantum Information Club » Electrical and Computer Engineering (

Yale Undergraduate Quantum Computing (YuQC) | Yale Quantum Institute

Google Developer Student Clubs Quantum University - Roorkee | Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC)

Duke Undergraduate Quantum Information Society (

Quantum club | University of Oxford Department of Physics

Undergraduate Quantum Association - UMD Physics

This Is York | Newly-founded Quantum Club magnifies the topic of quantum


Overview — SQUID 2023 (


Other Quantum Groups not necessarily associated with schools

Quantum Physics groups | Meetup

Quantum Kidz |LEGO STEM or STEAM Clubs, Camps and Workshops for Kids |

High School Quantum Computing Course — Stanford Quantum

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