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Quantum Education & Workforce Development

Donn M. Silberman, Fellow of the OSSC & SPIE

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Here are the first two paragraphs of the article.  Click on the red link below to download the full article.

This article will be updated with additional related information until it is published on the Technolink Association  blog in August.

Educating our population about the quantum world so they can actively participate in the next generation of innovation as we build a better tomorrow is essential.  This effort is already underway locally, nationally, and globally; here the reader is introduced to quantum education and career pathways for students.

In my previous article, Quantum Theory with Current and Future Cybersecurity Applications, I mentioned that the US Federal Government passed the National Quantum Initiative1  and other countries have similar programs2,3,4.  Due to the continuing global shortage of skilled technical workers in advanced science, the new quantum ecosystem is also in need of educated people.

The complete article can be downloaded here.


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More photos of many past optics educational outreach programs can be viewed on Donn's Public Photo Albums.

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