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Donn's Quantum Explorations

This webpage contains links to other websites about the Quantum World.  It is here as place where I can store web links and other material.

When will quantum computers finally break into the market?
From Physics World

5 big questions on quantum computing answered (  March 2023
From Wells Fargo

Quantum World Congress - White Paper - Dec. 2022

The above white paper is the best current summary.

How quantum computing could change the world | McKinsey & Company June 2022

WEF_Quantum_Computing_Jan. 2022.pdf (

AIP-national-quantum-initiative-signed-law - Dec. 2018

What is quantum mechanics? | Institute for Quantum Computing (

Quantum Computing Reports by  GQI

Donn's Slides at June 2019 OSSC meeting

Sandy's Slides at June 2019 OSSC meeting

Jon's Slides at June 2019 OSSC meeting

Sandi Irani, UC Irvine, Mathematical and Theoretical Quatum Computing

Dr. Jonathan L. Habif, USC, ISI, Experimental Physics

USC Center for Quantum Information Science & Technology (CQIST)

USC scientists find a way to enhance quantum computer performance

USC-Lockheed Martin Quantum Computation Center

Charles "Chip" T. Sebens Philosophy of Physics - Cal Tech

Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, a National Science Foundation Physics Frontiers Center

Cal Tech Research > Quantum Information & Computation

Caltech Awarded Federal Funding for Quantum Research

Quantum Computing at IBM

6931: Access the Future Today: Quantum Computing
IBM Research

Honeywell Quantum Solutions

Google AI - Quantum Computing

Jacob Taylor - NIST - White House office of Science & Technology


Interdisciplinary UA Researchers Get Tangled Up in Quantum Computing

Thorsten Ritz, UC Irvine; The magnetic sense of animals: From quantum theory to the discovery of the receptors and mechanism

UC Irvine, Dept.of Logic & Philosophy of Science,
Research Group in Philosophy of Physics

The Physics of Nothing

Dr. Justin Dressel, Physics Professor, Chapman University

Links from Daniel Lidar's website at USC

Bell Inequality, By Jed Brody

MIT Spectroscopy & Quantum Mechanics

Georgetown Univ - Intro to Quantum Mechanics & Spectroscopy

Univ of Oregon - Spectroscopy & Quantum Physics

Quantum Computing Playground

Cargo Cult Science - R. Feynman, Caltech 1974 

Scale of things - hand to quarks
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