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The OISC is now the QOISC !!!

This reflects our transition to focusing

on all things Quantum over the past few years.  We still do lots of optics, but most of our new services are quantum focused.

The QOISC is an Orange County-based organization dedicated to the promotion of math, science, and engineering through the use of quantum optics education and related technologies and phenomena.


Our educational approach is hands-on, student-centered, and engaging.


We seek to foster the curious scientist, the artful mathematician, and the creative engineer in every student, regardless of age.

The new QOISC logo was created by Jack Makely at El Dorado High School's Rescue Design.

Founded by Donn Silberman in 2003, the OISC has a long history of education and outreach in Southern California.  We have and continue to collaborate closely with the Optical Society of Southern California, Vital Link, UC Irvine DCE Optics Programs, Pasadena City College's Laser Technology Program; and many more.  Look on our Photos page to see examples of our programs over the years.

Donn M. Silberman, "The Optics Institute of Southern California: organizing and implementing outreach effort," Proc. SPIE 9663, Eighth International Topical Meeting on Education and Training in Optics and Photonics, 96631K (6 October 2003);

The previous OISC website is at:  Introduction (

The oldest legacy OISC website is still available here.

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2003 - 2023

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